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Jan 05, 2022

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Hi, reader. First, I want to appreciate you for being here. Second, I need to say thanks to PuruVJ , Matt Fantinel and Zeno Rocha who inspire (and principally, help) me in this website.

Ah, now let me tell that this isn’t my first personal site. Probably is the third or fourth. You can see the last here , but dont judge. I did it with React (while I was learning it) and p5.js. This one however, was made with SvelteKit and Tailwind CSS . I did try with NuxtJS , actually I even made it, but decided to migrate to Svelte because it is faster, easier and a new skill to learn for me!

The colors 🎨

Well, green is my favorite color, so I made it the main here. Of course, not easy like this. I’ve been looking for the best green in the world since ages, so if you can’t decide your color, I swear, it is completely comprehensible. In the beggining, I used to create all websites in dark themes. But we know that there exist people that don’t like it , so I did a white theme. And just for fun, a coffee theme.

theme colors:


theme colors:


theme colors:


The layout 📐

So, when I had 14~16 years old, I discovered that I really liked Photoshop, and I tried to be a designer. But when the things started to get harder and I saw some really professional designs, I just accept that I wouldn’t go that far in it and, being honest with myself, I didn’t want it. Yes sad story.

But I found something even better than design, making design happen! I believe that my “desginer” background brought me some graphic skills to web development and helped increase my taste for frontend. So everything I try to do, I try let it beautiful. At least not ugly, c’mon.

Okay, no more lero-lero, lets get straight to the point. I noticed something when was looking to Zeno’s website. If you will do a website based on content in sections, is better to center the content in the page and make one page for each section. I say because I didn’t do it and didn’t appreciate the result either. Seems like the contents are too alone or too close together. So, if the website is going to have less content, I think is better to make it more presentable and tasty to browse. Otherwise, a simple layout to make the content lighter to read looks better.

About the blog, I did the layout as clear as possible, inspirated by .

The blog 🗒️

Definitively the hardest thing. I had to use things I’ve never used and it isn’t over yet. I basically mixed PuruVJ’s and Matt Fantinel blog. PuruVJ did EVERYTHING by itself (seriously, I don’t doubt he considered to do his own Svelte, check it out ). And Matt, my brazilian camarada, uses mdsvex . Strange, because I decide to use too 🤔, a few seconds after seeing him website, what a coincidence!


posts Thanks for reading!